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Hospitality / Greeters Ministry Team


The Hospitality / Greeters bring a positive change to the COR environment that is conductive to love and compassion for the entire church. Hospitality serves in respective areas of the church mainly to greet, welcome, direct and offer information to our members, visitors and guests. The ministry builds relationships in the church through cooperation and fellowship with each other.


Unity among the saints is obtained through love, serving others in excellence and building relationships through fellowship.


Hospitality is a ministry of love. We strategically place people in various "high traffic/volume' areas of the church in order to serve others. We are friendly, kind and represent the City of Refuge in a professional manner. We know and understand the importance of the persons that we seek to serve and the need for human kindness. We respond in ways that emulate His goodness and take the responsibility to be the first to love by way of example.

We are acclimated to church locations and/or events, and possess other pertinent information most commonly asked by our visitors and guests.

We recognize need by assisting women with their small children, the elderly and those physically challenged, if necessary.

We build relationships, encourage and fellowship with those that we have become acquainted in the church.

Director: Glenda Y. Rollins
Contact Information: (310) 516-1433 ex. 606
Meetings/Recruitment: Quarterly

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