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The purpose of the Wings of Healing Ministry is to assist those affected by substance abuse and addictive behavior with holistic intervention and treatment. Additionally, we strive to educate the faith-based community and community at large about the hazards of substance abuse in hopes of preventing addictive behaviors.


Wings of Healing Ministry is designed to impact the whole person spiritually, socially, psychologically and economically while bringing about healing and deliverance through Christ. Our goals are: 1. To intervene on the dependent and or co-dependent’s behalf in the early or late stages of conflict and abuse. 2. To teach, equip and treat our community members with spiritual, clinical and social tools resulting in sober outcome. 3. To encourage networking and fellowshipping with others as a means of building a solid system of support.

Program Highlights

    • Counseling

    • Intervention

    • Prevention

    • Treatment of Addictive behaviors and Substance Abuse.

    • Distribution of resource material

Wings of Healing Staff:
Elder Rene Whitehead
Terrie Doyle-Counselor
Deborah Johnson-Relapse Prevention Coordinator

Contact Information: Telephone: 310-516-1433 ext-640

Meeting Time- Every Monday Night 7:00 pm TO 9:00 PM

City of Refuge Worship Center

14527 S. San Pedro

Gardena, CA 90248

He gives power to the tired and worn out, strength to the weak, they that wait upon the Lord they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk and not faint. Is 40:29-31

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