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Baptism Ministry (BM)


To engage the congregation and the community of our church with the unrelenting power and the fullness of the Spirit of God, as we guide them in glorifying, worshipping, and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit through the ceremony of Christian baptism.


The Baptism Ministry Team is an assemblage of believers dedicated to bridging the unreconciled soul back to Christ through baptism. We are dedicated and designed to render a Spiritual atmosphere to the City of Refuge family and community of friends. This ministry works to solidify Godly love toward all who seek to be baptized and to those whose call is to work within the Baptism Ministry.

Program Highlights

Baptism Ministry Training Sessions

A Class for the Newly Baptized entitled, "New Life in Christ: Now that I've Been Baptized"

Director: Elder Lloyd Williams

Contact Information: Telephone - 310-516-1433 ext. 602

Recurring Meetings: During each Sunday morning worship service

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